With Out {the} Rule {of} Law. A home grown phrase developed by a popular YouTube blogger to describe an end of the world scenario.
Me: What's your rig for the WORL situation?
You: Guns. Lots and lots of guns.
Me: Yeah, me too.
by DanTh3Man February 19, 2010
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The act of smoking large amounts of weed.
Im so worling right now.
Can we start the worling.
by Crankster531 November 24, 2006
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Older girl, woman with a hint of girl. Girlwoman.
by Gagganidious March 20, 2011
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To be completely high; higher than you have ever been.
(From the word bowled except typed on a computer when extremely cranksed)
I am so worled right now, and I ate all of the green bean casserole.
by Crankster531 November 24, 2006
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Besides being a reality series one MTV the Real World is a concept created by societys. Kids are always being told that they are being prepared for the "real world", but they do not always understand what the "real world" is. The Real World begins after high school/college depending on the person's situation.
The Real World has two parts. Children are very innocent. The Real World is understanding that the world is not a giant piece of candy. The world is very beautiful, but one must also understand that there is an endless amound of suffering. There is violence, rape, theft, drugs, abuse, greed, pollution, and corruption.
The Real World is basically just being an adult. It is being able to go to work every day, It is trying hard to move up career wise. It is not easy for most people. It is being able to manage bills, stress, and understand that life is not always fair. America has this myth that if a person works hard than that person can be whatever he or she wants to be. That is not always true. In the Real World some people work hard every day of their lives and never escape the social class that they are in. A person just has to keep trying. The Real World sucks ass.
Paris Hilton: I'm so mad at my daddy. He bought me the blue sports car instead of the silver one. I'm too good for that shit!
Rodney Dangerfield: Oh my god! You got no concept of the Real World honey! Wait till you land your first job at Burger King! then we'll see how superior you feel! Lord Almighty! The girls gotta grow some hair down there!
by KoolAidWannabe March 29, 2009
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A large secondary school in Weston Super Mare. Has approx 1,500 pupils.Possibly the best school in the world ever. Much better than priory, wyvern and broadoak. Has the best sports teams and always gets the best exam results. Has a stunning new resturant
Worle Community School pupil: " i love my school so much"
Priory Pupil " i wish i could go to your school, but it was filled up'
Worle Pupil: " unlucky skag head.
by Sherocksmyworld December 08, 2008
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