A selfish, narcissistic, nefarious character who needs to manipulate and use woman to feed his own childish, self serving ego. Has definite “ Mommy issues.” Will often seek out girls far too young, in hopes that they'll be too naive to read his intentions. Not only will this type of predator pursue women relentlessly—using time, flattery & displaying a “sincere" interest in becoming close on an emotional/mental level—but will quickly lose interest once his true nature as a sodomizing bastard is uncovered. The fallout is ALWAYS the woman's fault, as his ego cannot handle the reality of his own fucked up behavior.
Noah Frederick Lazes, a self proclaimed womanizer, by way of Charlotte, North Carolina
by Youvebeenwarned August 17, 2013
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A man who woes you with broken promises and when you call him on his actions, it’s your fault. He did all those bad things for YOUR benefits.
The Bodie is a womanizer!
by Camelski November 12, 2018
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A generall guy who has his way with the lady's. Usually a smooth talking guy a real charmer. A guy who's very caramastic a very laid back guy. The guy who can get a woman to take her knickers of with in a few minuets of knowing each other . Just the guy who's the go to guy, the sherif round town. A man who steals woman's virginties in the process making them into a woman
by Bigfodrob November 21, 2014
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Like a player, a womanizer is a guy who's giving out compliments to lots of females. A guy is either giving out compliments and womanizing or he's not giving out anything, decide on whether the guy you're calling womanizer has been sparing with compliments or whether he's the kind of guy who wouldn't compliment a female if the apocalypse had already started.
You're either a womanizer or you're not. A guy who's not giving compliments to lots of different females is not a womanizer.
by Solid Mantis June 20, 2018
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A man-whore of the worst kind.
Gets many women to love him with empty promises, only cares about sex.
by Willoe June 19, 2011
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guy who makes zillions of women think he is in love with them and that he is the best guy in the universe but never know he is making 12774763836543 other women think that too
CONOR KELLY is a womanizer
by shnred March 17, 2005
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A guy who spits in his girlfriends face at the bar and then posts her sexual encounter with him on the internet. Meanwhile he's having sex with multiple married or unavailable women in order to boost his low self esteem. His father wasn't around so he has no clue how to be a real man. He uses women's credit to rent cars, take trips, to buy cell phones. He video tapes sexual encounters with these women as a means to blackmail them when they decline his requests. He doesn't have anything in his name because he's trying to run from paying child support. Basically he's homeless. He's always on social media portraying himself to be a pillar in the community with these dumb barbecues he has... probably with the use of someone's food stamps or cash. He's cheap, he's irratic, he's a loser, he's a coward. He's a waste of a human being.
Ron Crawford is such a low life scumbag womanizer.
by Meyo November 29, 2016
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