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English acronym standing for Waste Of Fucking Space. Can be Waste Of Flipping Space if you want to be a bit more polite but is used to describe people who are just that. The ones that seem to have no useful contribution to make to the human race or anything else and make you wonder just where evolution went wrong.
"Malcolm's just been sat on his ass all day, hasn't done a fucking thing except feed his face and drink tea. He hasn't so much as lifted a finger even though the rest of us are run ragged."
"What a WOFS!"
by AKACroatalin March 13, 2015
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A W.O.F. (pronounced w-ah-f) is a Waste of Flesh. This refers to someone who is being completely worthless. It applies most frequently to boys of high school and college age.
"I cannot believe you did that! You are such a W.O.F. !" (best used when shouted at someone in response to a completely bonehead action)
by Peanutgirl May 26, 2006
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Really, this is an acronym meaning white Orc female. This refers to a female version of the nasty white Orc from lord of the rings and is meant to describe a very abrasive looking, and often large-crude human female. She may be saying phrases such as "mordor" with bunghole laced breath. She may also harbor physical features including an attricious underbite, man-muscles, and a hog-like snout.
Yo' did you see dem hoes in McDonalds? I think one of this wofs farted into my cheeseburger! I also think she wanted you nuts bra.
by Bonerfingies June 17, 2015
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Meaning Week of Fun. Another name for Syllabus Week in college. The first week back to school when everyone goes out drinking for 7 days straight. Heavily applies to University of South Carolina girls after recruitment.
Did you blackout on the first day of WOF?
WOF is the best week of the school year.
by fuckbinladen August 22, 2017
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The act of playing the 'Wheel of Fortune' on Sacred-Knights.
1. He is going to wof.
2. He is woffing.
3. He woffed to death.
by Broken-Angel October 24, 2009
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WOF: Worlds of fun. Amusement park Located in Kansas City Missouri. Should be called Worlds of Gay. Features: Mamba, Prowler, Patriot, Snoopy Land, Timber Wolf, and over priced Slushes.
Guy 1: wanna go to worlds of fun today?
Guy 2: Mayne, i Don't have Thirty Bucks to Blow out my ass.
Guy 1: your right, WOF is expensive.. Lets go to a Tech N9ne Concert.
by Poopy But Whole July 30, 2009
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