replacement for really
originated in Salem MA because of the witch trials. changed the word meaning from bad to really to promote tourism and eliminate their bad name.

used more freqwently in Massachuesetts than other New England states.
-do not use if you weren't born and raised in New England. it's just common curtasy, we dont go around saying "ya'll"
i was wicked pissed wen tha sox traded nomar
by me August 2, 2004
word that new englanders, such as myself, use instead of really or super. used in my personal favorite phrase, wicked awesome, which i say way to much.
by Rusty April 23, 2004
Modifier, often for an adjective, used primarily in New England, especially Massachusetts, also Maine and the UK. In its traditional MA usage, "wicked" will ALWAYS precede another word, a true New Englander will never say merely "That was wicked." In cases of extreme emotion, it will often be preceded or followed by "fucking."

traditional: Sean of the Dead was a wicked good movie.

extreme: I am wicked fucking pissed that Lost hasn't been on.

Mutiple usage: Fucking Batman Begins is a wicked fucking excellent movie.

In serious duress: Fucking Johnny Damon is a god damn wicked fucking traitor. Fucking Yankees. I hate the fucking Yankees a wicked fucking lot.
by lala38 December 28, 2005
Originates from the Massacusetts-Rhode Island area of New England, used as a synonum to very and really. Rivals the West Coasts word hella…
My boy is wicked smaht.
by the infamous giz November 9, 2005
new england slang. it originated in boston, despite what those NH people say. they have credit for the "massholes", thats it. it means "really" or "very". it's the north east's y'all; other people make fun of us for saying it, but we say it constantly anyway. i guess it could be considered an adverb?

saying a band is good makes them sound alright. saying they're wicked good makes them sound awesome.
"its wicked hot out today."
"that biology test was wicked hard!"
"that kid is wicked gay."
"all time low is wicked awsome!"
"i had to babysit this wicked annoying brat on saturday."
"that was wicked mean!"
"it got wicked quiet just now..."
"that was a wicked awkward silence."
Wicked: Apparently, according to Prisoners of Azkaban, the only word in Ronald Weasley's vocabulary.
"That was wicked, Harry!"
by Desecre Demorte June 29, 2004