When a male is either masturbating or fornicating until the very verge of climax, he stops fornicating/masturbating to perform a semi-backward roll so his penis is positioned over his face, and proceeds to ejaculate in his own face. This sexual maneuver is often performed with the mouth open, depending on preference.
Girl #1: So last night me and my boyfriend had sex for the first time, and you'd never guess what he did. He just straight up did a wicks all over his face!!

Girl #2: Damn girl, he sounds nasty! Did he have his mouth open?

Girl #1: Hell yeah he did! He even wanted to give me a snowball kiss afterwards!
by Master Of Self Fellatio April 27, 2012
The nature of something being wick.

Wick(ed) qualities.
"The Iron Chef did that risotto with much wickness."
"You're oozing wickness."
by AuntyChookie January 24, 2009
UK definition: an adjective used by the younger generation to describe something really cool, good, enjoyable.
This website is wicked
How wicked was that film?
Mate, that is wicked
by Nixsta December 11, 2004
In 1966 & '67 we used the word "wicked" all the time in Imperial Beach, California, a Southern California coastal suburb of San Diego, to describe something totally hot, awesome, cool, bitchin, etc.
1. Check out that wicked car!
by Bob Sampson September 8, 2007
A term mostly used in Massachusetts. The term replaces "very," and "really." The word MUST have an adjective after it or it just does not work.

Note: Not all Massachusetts folks speak without an "r." That is only the Boston people.
"Dude, that is wicked awesome"
"I can't believe I got a speeding ticket, that is wicked retarded"
by The Loch ness monster January 1, 2006
Broadway play at the Gershwin theatre. the wizard of oz through the eyes of the witch herself- miss. elphaba.
go see the play Wicked at the gershwin theatre- its really wicked... bad joke.
by Fae December 19, 2004
what cool northerners tend to say when they want to really express something--another way of saying really or very
Dude that was wicked awesome!!!
by Nicole February 21, 2004