A stupid-ass test that kids that live in Washington have to take. The graduating class of 2008 has to pass the WASL or else they dont get their diploma. WASL = Washington Assessment of Student Learning.
WASL is gay
by adgs April 29, 2004
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A standardized test that a LOT of kids who live in Washington have to take. It's boring, and kinda easy.
Hey, what did you do today?
We took section 1 of the wasl. feh.
by iwant4piez April 15, 2009
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The Washington Assessment of Student Learning. A test taken in Washington State for public school kids in 7th and 10th grade. If they fail it, they won't be able to pass high school.
Thank goodness I go to private school and I don't have to take the WASL.
by seiferguy June 23, 2004
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v. Derived from the WASL standardized test, the Washington State Assesment of Student Learning, mandated by No Child Left Behind. The WASL tests have popularized the use of the word "wasl" as a verb, adjective, and explitive as well as the traditional noun form, though the verb form is the most common at this point. Common forms of the verb include wasling and wasled.

The WASL tests take place every spring and are currently given to students in 4th, 7th, 8th, and 10th, though they are adding more grades every year. The students in the class of '08, who took the 10th grade wasls last year, are the first class required to pass the reading, writing, and math wasls for high school graduation and complete a cumulative project. The class of '10, or current high school freshmen, must additionally pass the science wasls. Many schools have very low passing rates due to lack of government funding. The government (again mandated by No Child Left Behind) in turn decreases their funding even more, so they score even worse the next time they get wasled.

The wasls take at least a week's worth of two hours of testing a day to complete. This year's 10th grade wasls total nine days worth of tests. The writing wasls feature ridiculously lame prompts and the science wasls are infamous for testing students on things they either learned in fifth grade or won't be learning for another year or two. The security on these tests is insane as well. Only wasling students and proctors are allowed in the building while the testing is done. All backpacks must be around the perimeter of the room. Students may only use the restroom during the 5 minute break, which takes place after 60 minutes of testing, and they may only go one at a time per wasl class.

Due to all this paranoia, general disruption of school schedules and curriculum, and wasted time solving random math problems and writing about stuff no one cares about, the verb "to wasl" has been born, often used to mock, diss, curse, make fun of or express anger about the wasls.
Man, we're wasling tomorrow morning, we gotta be at school two hours before everyone else.

We got so wasled yesterday. We had to write about a fucking trend for two hours.
by poiuytrewq March 14, 2007
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