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A codeword invented by a group of immature sixth-grade Seattle girls, they were in 4th grade when word was invented.
Code for sex.
A city in CA
Sixth grade girl: Have you ever been to San Francisco?
Random kid who has no idea: Uh, yeah, last summer
Sixth grade girl: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
Random kid who has no idea: Um, what?
Sixth grade girl: Oh, nothing.
by iwant4piez April 01, 2009
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Death Note is A fantabulous manga series about Light Yagami, a seventeen year old high school student in Japan. He finds a death note, dropped by Ryuk the shinigami, and proceeds to use it to rid the world of evil.
The way a death note works is that you write a name down in it and...they die. You have to know their name and face. If you don't specify a cause and a time, they'll die in 30 seconds of a heart attack. Light kills off the world's nastiest, most wanted criminals, thinking he's doing good.
However, his plans may be foiled by the mysterious "L", who works together with the police and the FBI to track down "Kira", the name that people all over the world use to refer to him.

This awesome series is also an anime, and is a movie in Japan. It will soon be a movie in America as well, starring...**gag**...Zac Efron.
L: Not on my watch, jerk!
Ryuk: Heh. Heh. Humans are fun...
Near: TOYS!~
by iwant4piez June 07, 2009
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A standardized test that a LOT of kids who live in Washington have to take. It's boring, and kinda easy.
Hey, what did you do today?
We took section 1 of the wasl. feh.
by iwant4piez April 15, 2009
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contrary to what most of the idiots who post on this site have said, yaoi is not 'gay porn', and is not 'usually rated x or higher.' yaoi is a japanese word, and it is, essentially, gays doing gay stuff. it CAN be "gay porn", but is not always. it can be simply two boys, usually anime boys, hugging or sitting with their arms around eachother. or kissing, or...sex.
teh female equivalent is yaoi.
Person 1: hey wanna do some live action yaoi?
person 2: perv.
by iwant4piez March 31, 2009
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