A technique used by games involving rushing in and shooting the enemies without any thoughts to tactics or strafing, by use of holding down the W key (in a WASD configuration) and the left mouse button. Expression originated from Team Fortress 2
"God, I hate those W+M1 Pyros, they have no skill!"
"W+M1 wins again!"
"I can't believe I died to a W+M1."
"W+M1 takes no skill."
by Mangr0v3 May 19, 2009
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A technique used by bad gamers using only the W key and holding down Mouse 1. They charge in sort of a rambo/scarface fashion to enemies, only to die.
(Team Fortress 2)
Scout: God, I hate those W+M1 Pyros, such a nuissance
Pyro: NaW dood teh are teh awesomz!!11! skill ftw lulz
by Hydro2Oxide November 11, 2008
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The art of holding the W key to move forward while holding the M1(Mouse 1(left mouse button)) in a shooter. This “strategy” is commonly used by pyros in Team Fortress 2.
Pyro 1: Oh, look! A demo man and a soldier! Let’s w+m1! *gets blown to death* what? The after burn didn’t kill them!
Pyro 2: noob. *airblasts the explosives back, shotguns while moving forward, axes one to death, burns the other while also finding a spy*
by Jimothy Tedward June 8, 2018
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A way pro gamer's play a game.
Holding Mouse 1 (left click) while holding W on the keyboard.

Makes most nerds rage. :D
It's our W+M1SSION to rek u nerd
by swegnemite :D May 25, 2014
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The favorite tactic of all the Pyro players on Team Fortress 2.
Be careful when you encounter a Pyro in Team Fortress 2, he may W+M1 you to death.
by FlareKitsune November 6, 2009
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A strategy for Team Fortress 2 pyro players that consists of holding down the W button and holding M1. "Pros" hate this.
Pro: No WhY dId ThAt KiLl Me!!!!!!111! HAX!!!!!
Pyro: Nobody cares stop complaining.
Pro: GeT bEtTeR nOoB!!!! SToP W+M1 mE!
by Cubex June 10, 2022
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A "strategy" used by Pyro mains who can't actually play Pyro, which consists of running forward and holding left click.
Bad Pyro: *Spots an enemy and proceeds to W+M1*

Bad Pyro: *Dies*

Bad Pyro: OMG HAX!!!1!1!!one!1!
by Inquisitive Walnut June 5, 2020
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