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When you're texting (via your cell phone or an IM program on your computer) and you're being bombarded with legitimate texts from other people (ie you're stuck in multiple conversations, and can't seem to respond to one without at least one or two more sending you messages while you're trying to respond to a first message).
"All three of my girlfriends were online and they were vortexting me like crazy. I almost said the wrong thing to the wrong girlfriend!"
by Biofungus November 25, 2009
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When a group text provokes anxiety and becomes difficult to remove oneself from and/or a new text is sent every second or less.
Help me I can't escape the vortext!
by Rach Rocka June 23, 2015
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The spaceless, timeless dimension where lost texts exist until they re-enter the universe and arrive in your cell phone inbox; a hopeless, senseless text conversation in which one or both participants is repeatedly unable to determine the meaning and direction of the conversation despite all attempts to get the conversation back on track
Person 1 text: I liked your shoes

(two hours later)

Person 2 text: Thank you

Person 1 text: What?

Person 2: I said thank you

Person 1: I know for what?

Person 2: U said u like my shoes

Person 1: I sent that 2 hours ago

Person 2: Omg this fone sux!

(two hours later)

Person 1: Why?

Person 2: Why what?

Person 1: I am replying to ur text just now

Person 2: I didn't send a text

Person 1: Yes u did

Person 2: What did u say?

Person 1: Nvm we are caught in a vortext

Person 2: A what?

Person 1: Nvm

(two hours later)

Person 2: Nvm what?

Person 1: Aaaaargh!
by Danstrom August 04, 2010
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1. the phenomenon that can occur after meeting someone and exchanging numbers in hopes of actually meeting face to face at some later point in time. but what ends up happening is just infinite text message only communication. Actual phone calls are useless because the other person prefers to only comunicate by texting.
shmoe (text): let's meet up some time this week.

becca (text): idk kinda busy. text me later.

shmoe : shit, i'm in the vortext
by geekernet December 08, 2010
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