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(verb) "beating around the bush", but with the intention of very gradually revealing something unpleasant; a roundabout, indirect approaching/avoidance of a difficult topic of conversation; (noun) a gradual revealing of some fact or opinion that one expects the listener not to want to hear
Megan: ...I had a great time that day I called at the last minute to break our date. I felt really free and relaxed. Suzy said I needed to do what was right for me..."

Guy: Stop slow walking me, Megan; are you breaking up with me?
by Danstrom June 15, 2010
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a belief system in which politics and religion are inseparably connected; when a change in political beliefs is no longer the same religion, and a change in the religious beliefs is no longer the same politics (portmanteau of religion + politics); pejorative: a loony nutcase who adheres to religitics can also be called "a religitic" (portmanteau of religious + lunatic)
Like all orthodox religions, the Christian Right is more religitics than pure religion.
by Danstrom August 11, 2010
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noun, pejorative: a loony nutcase who adheres to religitics (portmanteau of religious + lunatic);

adjective: of or concerning religitics
My uncle believes you can only be Christian if you support supply-side economics; he is such a religitic.
by Danstrom August 11, 2010
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A self-referential mistake or faux pas; a recursive error in judgment or behavior
First person: I have a b-b-bit of a st-st-st-stutter.
Second person: You are a walking jeef, my friend.

First person: I feel like I have to (fart)...
Second person: Dude, you just sharted and jeefed simultaneously!
by Danstrom March 15, 2010
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The spaceless, timeless dimension where lost texts exist until they re-enter the universe and arrive in your cell phone inbox; a hopeless, senseless text conversation in which one or both participants is repeatedly unable to determine the meaning and direction of the conversation despite all attempts to get the conversation back on track
Person 1 text: I liked your shoes

(two hours later)

Person 2 text: Thank you

Person 1 text: What?

Person 2: I said thank you

Person 1: I know for what?

Person 2: U said u like my shoes

Person 1: I sent that 2 hours ago

Person 2: Omg this fone sux!

(two hours later)

Person 1: Why?

Person 2: Why what?

Person 1: I am replying to ur text just now

Person 2: I didn't send a text

Person 1: Yes u did

Person 2: What did u say?

Person 1: Nvm we are caught in a vortext

Person 2: A what?

Person 1: Nvm

(two hours later)

Person 2: Nvm what?

Person 1: Aaaaargh!
by Danstrom August 4, 2010
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