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The process of leaving a Bills game early, to avoid either the traffic or the humiliation.
Mikey: "Dude, I'm done my last beer and this game is getting outta hand, whatcha wanna do?"
Jeffer: "Shit man, you're right, let's Vontae"
by KPMarshall September 18, 2018
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The act of quitting or giving up
Do you still work for that company? Nope, i had to vontae that job.
by Chronkite82 September 17, 2018
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To leave your workplace/a social event/a party with only a cursory explanation or without telling friends that you are leaving. Can also be used as a noun, e.g. to pull a vontae. A similar term is the Irish Exit.

The term came into use after the retirement of Vontae Davis, formerly a professional football player for the NFL's Miami Dolphins, Indianapolis Colts, and Buffalo Bills. While playing for the Bills in a game on September 16, 2018, Vontae abruptly removed himself from the game during the first half, telling coaches only that he was "done" and was retiring from the NFL. Vontae put on his street clothes at halftime and left the stadium. Most of his teammates didn't know what had happened until after the game.

This was the first and only time that an NFL player retired from the sport at halftime of a game.
Guy 1: This place sucks. Let's vontae.
Guy 2: Yeah let's get out of here.

Guy: What happened to you at the party last night? I couldn't find you anywhere.
Girl: Sorry, I got drunk and pulled a vontae.
by thecashstu September 22, 2018
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To quit/disappear/vanish, usually never finishes what they’re working on. Will leave a good girl just to hoe around, will quit anything in a matter a minutes. Vontae Davis from the NFL quit without notice and is now a representation for all the vontae’s.
Bruh, why’d you quit that job? you just up and vontaed

Why’d you break up with your shorty? don’t be a vontae
by palindrome_u7 August 03, 2019
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1. (verb) To forsake, abandon, or depart an organization or group or person without notice or warning at a time of adversity; generally seen as an act of extreme selfishness or corwadice.

alternate forms: vontaed; vontaic; vontification
I thought the date was going well, we were having a nice meal at a restaurant when he said he had to go to the bathroom and never came back... I had a feeling he would vontae me.

Don't invite Jerome to ball with us again, he's gonna vontae like he did last time if we start losing.
by Dariusxiv September 19, 2018
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