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The process of leaving a Bills game early, to avoid either the traffic or the humiliation.
Mikey: "Dude, I'm done my last beer and this game is getting outta hand, whatcha wanna do?"
Jeffer: "Shit man, you're right, let's Vontae"
by KPMarshall September 18, 2018
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You can have them bimbos,
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by Pdough May 15, 2006
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The act of quitting or giving up
Do you still work for that company? Nope, i had to vontae that job.
by Chronkite82 September 17, 2018
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1. (verb) To forsake, abandon, or depart an organization or group or person without notice or warning at a time of adversity; generally seen as an act of extreme selfishness or corwadice.

alternate forms: vontaed; vontaic; vontification
I thought the date was going well, we were having a nice meal at a restaurant when he said he had to go to the bathroom and never came back... I had a feeling he would vontae me.

Don't invite Jerome to ball with us again, he's gonna vontae like he did last time if we start losing.
by Dariusxiv September 19, 2018
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