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1. kind-hearted, sweet, meek, mindful, ironcally violent.

2. The name of a male with French in the gene pool, meaning prince of kindness, and gentle in spirit, can be burtal and unmeriful when angered


chick: That was rather vondell of you to give her your game ticket

Dude: Yea i punched a locker afterward


Vondell: World Peace
Servant: whoops i dropped the bomb
Vondell: grrr DIE
servant: no please.... MERCY
Vondell: hmmm... no
(sqish rip, tear BOOM!!!)
by Victim XII March 28, 2009
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Really nice great in bed and likes brown skinned girls is really cool and has lots of friends
He is really nice his name must be vondell
by Yea.2x.216 May 16, 2018
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