Voluntell is when you volunteer someone else to do something and then tell them to do it.
I'll just voluntell Jim to give that speech tomorrow.
by Lascivious October 19, 2016
(verb) To unwittingly volunteer someone's services without allowing them the oportunity to decline.

Variations: voluntelling, voluntold
"Who are we gonna get to finish copying and collating the TPS reports?"

"I'll voluntell Steve to take care of it."
by Nick Rassenti June 26, 2007
To ask a question that's really a demand.
RJ (in front of client): Tim, would you mind revising that proposal for us?

Tim: Sure, thanks for voluntelling me.
by rjtalyor May 5, 2008
someone tells a person what to do suspecting that the person would agree to volunteer to do it although that person hasn't really volunteered to do it yet
My wife is likely to voluntell me to help at her charity.
by bobcatbobby June 21, 2015