A vulgar person who has no morals and is a complete waste of life
Catherine tried to be appropriate, but she was such a vollmer that it didn’t make much of a difference.
by Cswolvesknowmore January 6, 2019
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When a girl gets sucked into a vortex of pseudo-love, only to be disappointed by the mans rapid ejaculation and desire to make breakfast burittos with tator-tots in the morning.
Shanaynay: That dick Jon vollmerized me last night. Then he made me a shitty breakfast burrito with tator-tots, what a waste of time.
by J-Rocks-Dizzle September 21, 2007
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god someone who is very, very boss. they can do whatever, whenever. the absolute best.
woah, tom just deff. proved hes a vollmer.
by kayyyyy April 26, 2008
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worst in bed retarded and rejected by all women and men alike. only action a vollmer gets is via animal
did you hear some one raped old man jenkins goat.

beat it was a vollmer
by dead not sleeping October 9, 2010
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verb. 1. to facebook tag people repeatedly to the point that at least 50% of the news feed on the average facebook friend is filled with posts from the afore-mentioned tagger. 2. Ignoring the outside woorld for the purposes of tagging people on facebook.
Person 1: Wow. This girl needs to stop tagging me in everything she posts. In fact, she needs to stop posting stuff in general. It's bordering on scary.
Person 2: Sounds like you've been Vollmerized, man. Just take her off your facebook feed and try not to stare directly at her fake tan.
by front_row February 15, 2009
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ugly ass bitch who sucks sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much dick
she is such a vollmer
by hiil April 24, 2017
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Vollmer is a type of person who does their best to suck your personal wealth out of you, without actually causing pain, but just extreme annoyance after you notice it is happening
Omg he such a Vollmer he turned up 1 day for a glass of water and never left.
by Royalboy February 13, 2021
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