A favorite past-time of cross country runners when they're not running. A great way to kill time. And a quite wonderful sport in general. Perhaps the greatest of sports besides cross country.

When referring to the actual sport it means that some extremely attractive girls are getting sweaty and working hard. And extremely fun sport to spectate, and the players are always awesome and sexy.

Cross country runners and volleyball players usually get along due to the recognition of the awesomeness of their sports.
Dude we're at cross country camp. Where do we set up the volleyball net?

XC runner: Dude the volleyball game is starting!

idiot: yay girls in spandex
XC runner: you pervert it's an awesome sport
idiot: no it's not
Hot volleyball player: hey runner lets go make out, we both do awesome sports

Johnny: hi Jenny
Jenny: Hi Johnny
other guy: dude what are you doing she's way out of our league
Johnny: I'm a runner
Jenny: Johnny let's go make out
by VBallSuperFan October 17, 2010
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Volleyball is the best sport you will ever be able to play. I guarantee you will have a great time playing it
Man! Did you see that? Audrey is so good at volleyball
by Audrey the great April 12, 2020
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A sport that doesn't just consist of girls wearing spandex, but guys play too. No; it isn't a sport for lame tall lankey people but it is a sport for anyone. Some of the positions are middle blocker, wing spiker, setter and libero ( they wear a different colored jersey ). Unlike the stereotype, volleyball is an intense sport and although you can get used to the movements to be good they have to be perfected. Anyone who plays this sport is badass, then again I'm a little biased because I play volleyball. If you still think volleyball is easy, try playing in a varsity game.
"Damn that volleyball game was so intense, I never knew how hard it really was."
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by \(^β€’^)/ August 11, 2017
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Volleyball is better than having a boyfriend.In Volleyball we don’t just wear spandex we can compete better than the boys.Footballs for wimps and losers so do yourself a favor and just play volleyball because it’s better than any sport in the whole world.🏐
Volleyball is the best sport in the world
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by Volleyball_lover11 February 08, 2019
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The girls in high school and college volleyball have to wear those insanely small shorts because of some "regulation".

We know who's in charge of these regulations. :p
Just watch some College Volleyball--it's like cameltoe country.
by Troy January 05, 2004
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The only sport where it's acceptable to lose to the girls.
Guy: Dude, we got our asses kicked by girls!
Me: Was it in volleyball?
Guy: Yeah
Me: Don't sweat it dude!
by Bussss February 21, 2016
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