The crappiest Cell phone provider ever. With its $2.50 ringtones and your 25 cents a minute calls, that are always DROPPED. Nothing ever goes right, no service EVER. Its horrible. Maybe I should go to Europe to make a damn phone call where I have service!
Person 1: So are we chilling tonight? I just got a new Virgin Mobile Celly!
P2: Yeah, sure, I'll check out yer new phone!
P1: Okay cool so I'll meet you at the co- *click*
by Ash uh lee January 3, 2007
When a nun is in a wheelchair.
That nun is in a wheelchair, she is called virgin mobile.
by Pissface&Pussface February 11, 2019
The best phone company in Canada.

Never, ever, ever, ever use rogers. It's shit.

Bell is SLIGHTLY better. Virgin is the best though, great coustomer service, cell service, phones, prices EVERYTHING IS AMAZING
"I just switched from Rogers and now have Virgin Mobile. ROGERS WAS THE SHITTIEST COMPANY I'VE EVER HAD TO DEAL WITH, EVER"
by max223 November 19, 2006
the worst network provider ever. virgin will constantly cut you off from important calls to your local dealer, friends and family when underground or near electrical wires.

virgin will also give you 3p texts to other virgin mobiles out there. (which none of your friends have)
Dealer> sup man what you want?
You> yea can i have a te...
Virgin Mobile> beep beep beep beep please hang up... please hang up...
You> <smashes phone on the floor>
Dealer> <beats you up for wasting his time>
by the_apache October 14, 2006
N. Adj. The worst of the worst phone service. The bars are ALWAYS on low, and in the middle of class when you are in the building, it BEEPS to let you know how bad the signal is. Mine beeps all the time. Pretty much the WORST company. The only good thing about it is the real ringtones which may I add are about 5 bucks each.
by Stevepower November 26, 2006 put your cell phone up a women's vagina and call it
by prissykarsons February 14, 2014
A vehicle that has been customized to serve as a mobile place in which to have sex; a vehicle with a reputation as a sexual hotspot.
"So I said to her, "have you ever seen the backseat of a '95 LeSabre Custom?" and I took her out to the old Mobile Virgin Conversion Unit and started doing the no pants dance."
by Chuck Ford October 25, 2011