The degree to which a piece of internet content has been or might be shared in a short amount of time. First coined by CollegeHumor co-founder Ricky Van Veen.
Research into influence and virality suggest that finding swayable audiences is far more important when it comes to spreading information than the apparent influence quotient of the person passing it on.
by quaar November 30, 2010
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When your words and tweets spread faster than the plague across all social media. The most legendary of all tweeters.
Yo did you see TheWolverine_123’s tweet? Yea, he went viral as always. Maybe I should start growing birds also.
by JustAClownToAnyBody June 25, 2020
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Video's that are uploaded to the internet and get a lot of attention due to their shock value.
Have you seen that viralent video of that skater kid breaking his leg?
by smpriz May 6, 2010
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Short for 'viral marketing'. An online marketing strategy that encourages people to pass on a marketing message. Amusing and low-budget, a good Internet viral campaign (e.g. "Jerry Tate: Office Linebacker") will get surfers forwarding the ad to all of their friends to others, giving the company great word of mouth.
"FWD: Check out this hilarious viral from Hyundai!"
by Jay April 14, 2004
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Viral is another word for popular. Most commonly used on the internet.
A woman jumping off a cliff, and saved by a person went viral today!
by B5 Annie April 9, 2015
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1. a website or video that has become instantly famous overnight via youtube or other popular media.

2. an already overused term by any group that is trying to encourage use of its facebook page or app.
Did you see that numa numa dance? It has gone viral!

Go viral by using our new app!
by Chessdoc February 2, 2012
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To be the unwitting propagator of a viral marketing scheme.
Dude, it turns out that video you sent me is fake! It's part of one of Pepsi's new marketing schemes. You got viraled!
by Philosophistry February 10, 2009
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