The incorrect usage of the French word voila vwäˈlä, which translates to, "There it is" or "There you are." Voila is synonymous with presto, ta-da, look. Also spelled "walla."

Traditionally used by ignorant, untraveled American youth whose foreign language capacity is relegated to "taco" and "French fries."
When I surprised her with flowers, I said, "Wa-la!"
She was succinctly confused for my usage of a non-existent foreign word.
by minotarrr February 28, 2017
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A phrase used to express a multitude of random feelings at the same time. Can be mumbled under breath or shouted out loud, but requires to be uttered in a single breath.
(very loud) wa la wa la wa la! Ouch that hurts!

(loud) wa la wa la wa la...Come have dinner!

(soft) wa la wa la wa la. I like sluts.
by KSAlearning March 01, 2009
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It means we would all finally have breakfast. It means colloquially, las las we go dey alright. It can also mean that there will be light at the end of the tunnel
Example: "Naija bad but las las gbogbo wa la ma je breakfast"
by _UncleAlex May 01, 2021
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