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The incorrect usage of the French word voila vwäˈlä, which translates to, "There it is" or "There you are." Voila is synonymous with presto, ta-da, look. Also spelled "walla."

Traditionally used by ignorant, untraveled American youth whose foreign language capacity is relegated to "taco" and "French fries."
When I surprised her with flowers, I said, "Wa-la!"
She was succinctly confused for my usage of a non-existent foreign word.
by minotarrr February 28, 2017
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a way of greeting or saluting your friends, which originated from Southern Africa. It can be used as a equivalent of 'wassup'.
'wala babe!.' 'wala back!'
lets go to the movies" reply"wala!
by King Pantsu April 19, 2011
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used in hebrew and derived from arabic, meaning "no shit?"
"my parents are out of town, so i'm having this huge party"
"wala? i'm there"
by nerida July 22, 2006
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2 girls usually of mixed race, like one white and one brown. Usually enjoying getting stoned.
Did you see those 2 hot wala's smoking over in the park today?
by Burntdreamz30 June 25, 2010
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Someone who has a an uncanny knack for attracting loosers; stands for "Wierdo And Looser Attraction"
She's got W.A.L.A.
by Monkey Face December 12, 2003
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Wala is a Muslim name which means loyalty. This name is not common. Girls who have this name are usually kind, loyal and can be trusted. Never break their trust.
Wala, your name is unique.
by Kookah June 21, 2018
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equivelent to the word what but only used in careless curiosity
by Estherbunnie March 06, 2005
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