Vincian is a term for a Man or Nonbinary individual who is exclusively attracted to other Men or Nonbinary Individuals, It is often used to distinguish from Gay, which is often used as an umbrella term.
Amy: Hey, Luna, did you see the new kid, Jake? He's so cute!
Luna: Don't even try, He's a Vincian, He only likes other men.
by That One Tae Girl February 16, 2022
Vinciane is a french girl name which mean victory, win. They are nice, funny and always have something to say. Even if they can be grumpy sometimes, they are good friends everyone need to have.

However that a really rare name, so if you know one of them, keep her by your side cause she's never gonna give you up.
Vinciane is my best friend !
by Cbos November 22, 2021
A Vinciane is the most British french person you will ever meet, she's brilliant and would study something that she loves. She's family-driven and would do anything for her close ones. Her nickname is sometimes Karen as it is easier to pronounce than Vinciane. She loves cheese as much as she hates injustice. She's the most independent person in her life and doesn't need anyone's approval. If you have a Vinciane in your life, be grateful you will never find another one like her again. Libras can be a pain in the ass for her, thus she avoids them sometimes. Geminis, on the other hand, are her best friends.
I saw a Vinciane the other day, I was lucky.
by madmad01 November 22, 2021