A man that cannot be defined, but nonetheless has to be because his existence should be noted. Every man wants him to be his best man. He is extremely sexy, but acts like he doesn't know it, and even if he does, he doesn't think twice about it. A man that one can only dream about. He is the man of men.
I know you've heard of Chuck Norris, but you gotta hear about this one guy, mother fucking Vincent.
by HazyHalez November 21, 2017
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He is extremely talented, young and handsome. Vincent is normally an amazing football player dominating the field around him, in which his level of play is elite (not to mention his game with the ladies ).
Only a Vincent could make that catch and get those ladies.
by vinp July 7, 2014
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Someone extremely awesome; someone pleasant to be around; someone who makes unbelievably charitable choices.
"Dude, that guy just gave me 100 dollars!"
'Wow, what a Vincent!"
by not vincent February 14, 2008
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Vincent is a rare find, so be sure to love him while you have him. He is strong, nice, and has a very good sense of humor. A bit of a ladies man, but treats them with respect. Very tall, and handsome. Vincent's hair is always on fleek! Great at sports, and has lots of friends. Be nice to Vincent's because they judge easily.
Girl 1- Vincent's hair was lit today
Girl 2- Oh my God he's mine!
by shoppingismylife November 3, 2016
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Vincent is a truly kind guy. He can be a bit stubborn at times but it is almost always for a good cause. He will always be there for you no matter what. He is extremely funny and would do anything to make people laugh. He is perfect boyfriend material. Not to mention, he is quiet striking.
Girl 1:"Did you talk to that new kid? He's such a Vincent!
by _Happy_Camper_ May 6, 2019
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Is I fucking god has a huge dick you fuck with him he will fuck you in the ass 10 times harder. He will not let anyone be around his girlfriend even friends and family. When he starts a new survive world of Minecraft he instantly gets Diamond shit.
Vincent means: big ass dick and god.
by Vincent-is-god July 14, 2019
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Vincent is boss. He loves fish and fish love him back. One day he will take over the world by his fish army with Gabriel his team mate. Also on this dictionary look up Gabriel.
HI Vincent
by Williamge6@yahoo.com November 4, 2016
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