Who would be able to do such a thing!?!?! VINCENT!
by Poopguava February 19, 2009
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Vincent is an attractive hot young man.He has the best memes and is funny and sweet.he is intelligent,kind,loving,and is the best bean he is also a human that has the ability to make any girl swoon over him.he is the most lovable(andki*ky)amazing human alive.he is like cheese on a pizza. he has beautiful eyes and great hair and is a chill dood to play video games with.
"Vincent is hot"
"I know right"
by Oofqueen January 13, 2018
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An amazing person. Usually tall, darker hair, and deep eyes that pull you in. He is usually a super sweet friend, and an even better boyfriend. He is someone that is rare to find. If you are dating a Vincent, don't loose them. They are adored by their family and friends.
Wow, Vincent is such a nice person... I wish I was just like them.
by HomestuckWeeb April 25, 2017
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Will always be there for. Has his flaws Including back problems, stuttering and thinks he started saying welp before anyone else. Besides that he is very loveable and kind
Vincent is person
by Personwhocameupwithwelp October 5, 2020
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An Italian Mama's boy who will take a bad cannoli over a good pussy.
You see that dude Vincent over there? I heard he turned down sex the other night because he found a cannolis on the ground
by DijnnQuinn November 1, 2018
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A guy who is caring to his girl love her to death never cheats is always there for his friends and has a huge penis loves those who love him and can easily be hurt those who hr cares bout
Did u see vincent have sex with his girl and then sent her to a spa after
by Savagekids286 March 14, 2017
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