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spanish for "new village"

usually mexicans and filipinos have this last name

Families with the last name villanueva always look out for each other and never forget about a family member
we ride together, we die together, villanueva for life
by manny villanueva July 13, 2008
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Villanueva is a last name originating from Spain .always respect and remember Villanueva's . Known for they're spiritual ancestors who forbid negative approach of any kind. One with the last name usually tend to achieve what they seek . It not being a coincidence Karma is often called upon whoever underestimates ones personality, Villanueva's ancestors always lookout for another .
1. "Villanueva is such a beautiful and unique name , where does it originate from ?"

2."we originate from north east Spain , a place called Catalonia "
by Spanish society August 06, 2017
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