Technically defined in spanish as 'village of wolfs'. Practically defines awesome. Substantially means from royal sexy blood of saints.
"Shut yo mouth, i am a Villalobos BEYOTCH!."
by Anonymous219736193 November 24, 2008
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A bunch of paisanos that can’t articulate proper English yet claim to be college educated. Work minimum wage jobs and don’t mow their lawn. DUIs and bad credit runs in the wolf pack. Lobos.
we que paisas son los Villalobos
by Austin Santos September 2, 2021
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A very cool guy who loves to drink.He loves cats and has a cool mustache.He loves anime and video games.
Dang that guy is a Jose Villalobos! i tell you what!
by JONO1313 November 20, 2010
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That guys such a tool, he's got a Corey Villalobos just walking around.
by AirmanDre May 9, 2010
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The bravest strongest man you’ll ever meet. He’s so strong AND TALL and he gets pissy easily so make sure you’re on his good side. If he likes you he acts like a goof ball but he can be cold and shy when you first meet. You won’t want to leave him cause he is the most loyal man on earth! So stay true and he will treat you like a queen <3
Oh boy did you see junior Villalobos today?

Yeah he is so amazing<3
by Joce thom September 20, 2021
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1) I promis that I never tried to act cool or deep ever I just didn't know the difference e between tell or say and not only that it is even more complicated because I've tried both and I heard that sometimes people don't understand when I try to say something and so iam just very complicated

2) I am solitove-whout
3) I would prefer alonlearn ( i might've mispelled it but it should be from Natasha lobo )
4) also look at My Thing(s) from natasha lobo and ylu will see the other things that are problem every word that she put their

Alejandro Luis Villalobos' thing(s)

the Alejandro from Natasha lobo's eauer posts on this same website , you will see words like depressed zombie, mixsorder, lonearn and so on , I spoke to him and he told me what is wrong with him. Also I would like to add on that in this example can we forgive him for everything that he has done since he just did not know that people made a urvam dictionary for him to either set him up or to convince other people that he tries to be edgy even though he doesn't try that at all when I spoke to him . Also he is solitove-whkut so just let him be from now on please especially if you are still bullying him.
by Natasha Lobo September 11, 2021
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