19 definitions by Natasha Lobo

I never trying too hard to be cool or deep and I am telling you the truth I just don't k ow how to explain things and I didn't understand why I was being bullied.
That same guy from my previous posts on urban dictionary (first name is Alejandro) has lexlo.
by Natasha Lobo September 11, 2021
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I feel multiple symptoms of multiple disorders all at once . However I feel as if some of the symptoms cancel out other symptoms too.

For example, I am obsessed with what I am thinking about like OCD however I dont feel like cleaning because of how lazy I am due to my depression.
by Natasha Lobo September 10, 2021
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The reason why I wanted to study at home without telling people is because (i just don't understand why you people had to do all that in the first place honestly.)

I didn't want to deal with people , because of how I felt ,but for some reason people didn't understand that I didn't care about telling them because I dont know why the fuck they wanted to make my life their business in the first place
by Natasha Lobo September 10, 2021
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1) I like solitove-whout
2) I would like to alonelearn (might be incorrect but its from natasha lobo , about Alejandro luis Villalobos)
3) when I deal with mental health issues I typically don't like going to hospitals because I just do my research online and figure out how to cure myself

4) I would like for people if they may have put a curse on that name on the parenthesis above to help him better explain things like especially with all the knowledge that you stole from him
This is Alejandro luis villalobos hernandez born February 17 1999 (unless I wasn't, but I think iwas because that's what I was told my whole life) and these are "My Thing(s)
by Natasha Lobo September 11, 2021
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When someone's argument from their point of view is better than the other persons argument from their point of view and which ever argument is better should be the better choice .

You can and should use this sidea on any topic of the debate. Obviously evidence would be necessary in the debate. I hope very one else can agree that this would make sense
Alejandro luis villalobs believes in argupiewv .
by Natasha Lobo September 10, 2021
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When you are not working because you have depression and don't want to apply for edd because your mental health is severe and you don't want to be in a mental hospital or any mental facility or hospital in the first place . The only time I went to mental facilities for reasons that are hard to explain and I dont even want to explain.
The same person on all my examples has D pressed no work
by Natasha Lobo September 11, 2021
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When you understand the reasoning behind why someone does anything that they do , (hopefully you didn't do this next part but if you did then this is for you) especially after you did any curse on him
Alejandro luis villalpbs hernandez , someone who thinks he was born on February 17 1999 would like for the people that stole his knowledge and everything else that he knows and was going to know would like for those people to do curseason on him if they still can with that curse that they did. Please and forgive me for whatever I did
by Natasha Lobo September 10, 2021
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