chiefly southern, esp texan. added at the end of pretty much anything, esp to add exclamatory sense to a clause. has a somewhat cryptic meaning known only to southerners. so you non-hicks, stop trying.
by yuan January 6, 2005
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A phrase commonly used by people in the South. Can be used in the beginning or end of a sentence. Common to Texans, it is used as a whole sentence, with nothing before or after it.
Bill Engvall talking about Texans: "Man, I tell you what."
"I told you."
by Nicolee February 8, 2012
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Something Gary Whittaker says to either begin or end a conversation.
"I tell you what, that beagle is a power dog." - Gary Whittaker

"I tell you what, one time I ate 5 gallons of ice cream in one sitting" - Gary Whittaker

"I was at one time, the fastest man in Ohio...I tell you what, was the fastest white guy down at state." - Gary Whittaker
by Maynard Yoh February 7, 2012
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By the use of this phrase to open or close a statement, the user acquires or asserts a pleasant, folksy authority. Sometimes paired with "boy" for added authority and folksiness (see example).

Frequent famous users include Cris Collinsworth and Hank Hill.
"Boy, that was a heck of a down field block by Michael Vick, I tell you what."

"I tell you what, the Seattle Seahawks came here to play tonight."
by TebowTime23 January 20, 2012
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