an exotic woman who is kind, caring, and not to mention HOT. Her spicy hair and face are her best features and she never disappoints. She makes all the boys go crazy and brings the boys to the yard-no milkshake required. She is by far the best kind of woman. She is not only gorgeous and mouth-wateringly beautiful, but she loves helping others and would give anything to make others smile. She attracts males like flowers attract bees. times 10. Who's sexy? she is. She is also very sensual and sexually explosive. You can never go wrong with her. She'll give you a bursting erection for the moment, but you'll have extra lust saved for later. A masterpiece. The perfect woman
I want a Vila... :(
by ladycbcbc February 24, 2011
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1) To take a shit in someone's mouth, then make out with them.
2) To cum in someone's butthole and lick it, while they are taking a shit.
3) To masturbate to gay animal porn, while listening to Linkin Park.
"Dude i totally gave that girl a vila." - Beem
by Da Gonz December 2, 2006
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1. someone considered not ill

2. someone not appriciative or ill places, a.k.a. the ILL vasser

1. The NOT ILL person must be considered a VILA, since VILA is not ILL
by someone ill April 3, 2008
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Typically beautiful, tall, light haired women with an affinity for fire and dance. Can lure men with their dance and aura alone, captivating them immediately. Can ensnare a man to the point where they are driven mad with only thoughts of the Vila. Very charming and energetic but when scorned are very jealous, vindictive and vengeful.
Her beauty was so captivating, it almost bordered on the beauty of a Vila.
by CarpeNoctemm November 18, 2018
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That's the name of a very fat person.
Bruh, Vilas can't even fit through the door.
by chemsmuckcream December 6, 2021
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A Vilas is a smart, clever but funny person. They are highly likely to be very small people, according to their own age. A Vilas is also likely to be the second smallest person in his class. A Vilas seems to type fast and talk fast. A Vilas’s hair feels like a spiky bush.
“Did you see that Vilas? How did he type so fast?” John exclaimed.
by V1L4$ March 23, 2018
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