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Vietnamese Gangs

A gang composing of Vietnamese teens or youths, there many Vietnamese gangs in the U.S. right now, but more so back in the 1980s-1990s.

Vietnamese gangs are known to be the most differ to any other gangs, including even other south east asian gangs.

Unlike Hispanics and Black gangs, or Cambodian gangs, Vietnamese gangs are mostly non-territorial. They are also known to be hot headed (get angry easily) but usually resolve to fists for the first round, and then they usualyl come back a second round with weapons or a gun, just to finish them off.

Another factor common in Viet gangs, are that they usually run in small groups of really close friends around 3-5 people only. They rarely gather in big groups, unless we are talking about Fob Vietnamese gangs
You ever wondered why Vietnamese Gangs are hard to catch, when they commit a crime?

1. They are non territorial

-no hassel with territory that police can track down

2. Their groups are often kept small in numbers

- the smaller the crowd, the closer you are, the less people who knows

3. There are many Vietnamese gangs

-whats harder to find when a crime commits, 1 big gang of hispanics gathering in one neighborhood and around the local area

or 10 small groups of 5-7 scattered and mobile.
by Dr.Viet April 15, 2010
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they are consider by most law enforcement to be the most violents asian gang, know for ruthless,very determine to fight enemy gang, stubborn, these guys don't leave home with out their weapon such as tec 9,mac, even aks!! chinese is the second most violent asian gang in the united state, very organize.
no best to not mess with vietnamese gang these guys small but powerful and fierce
by anderson sanders November 19, 2006
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A gang of Vietnamese ladyboys frequently seen hanging on street corners, desperately hoping to convince young men they are nice young girls who will cook and perform wonderful oral sex.
Phil: "You remember that little Asian bitch I picked up last night?"
Bob: "Yeah, she smelled a little like Aqua Velva."
Phil: "Right when she was finishing me off with a Vietnamese Socketwrench she pulled her micropenis out and started jacking it off."
Bob: "Way to kill the moment."
Phil: "Wasn't too bad, I was too far along to quit, so I grabbed her ears and rammed my cock down her throat. Feeling her choke on it made me nut even harder. Afterward she gave me her Vietnamese Gang business card. I might get drunk and have her bring some of the rest of the gang. Wanna come?"
Bob: "You're a sick motherfucker."
by RocketPimp February 12, 2012
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