When you remember a (usually) traumatic experience and disconnect all outside distractions.
Ariana: I think Mikey is high..
Justin: Nah, she is having a Vietnam Flashback from when she was on Hannah Montana.
Selena: I get it. Disney is awful.
Ariana: Yeah, Nickelodeon is better.
by TheDonutLordOfVietnam September 5, 2016
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What you get when you hear your wake-up alarm during the day.
Person 1: “Why is he covering his ears when he hears my ringtone?”
Person 2: “He’s just having a Vietnam Flashback.”
by Fox Master August 20, 2020
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When someone stares off in the distance at an non living object for a while and someone says "look at him he's having a Vietnam flashback!"
Person 1: " Why is he staring off in the distance?"
Person 2: "He's having a Vietnam flashback!"
by The Blonde Boi April 26, 2017
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The face you make when you stare blankly at the camera while making a reaction video without giving any thought or opinion on it. Then you ramble about the video.
Person 1: Did you see Jinx's new video?

Person 2: I did! He had that stupid Vietnam Flashback face the whole video!

Person 1: I know! What an idiot!
by dragonknox March 8, 2016
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To have a traumatizing seizure like having shell shock.
Whoa man that guys nuts, he's having a Vietnam flashback
by MeapGames January 14, 2016
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When you go down to eat out a girls strange, and get a flashback of a previous encounter with the hairiest pussy you ever saw, much like the dense brush of the jungles in Vietnam.
Yo Morgan what'd you end up doing last night with that Tess girl?
Man I went in to tame her and got a Vietnam flashback of my ex's gape!
by rudealbeitreasonable February 27, 2016
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the face when having a bad time
Guy 1: dude whats with your face? It looks like a Vietnam Flashback
Guy 2: well my Dog Died
by D4RK_P41N April 4, 2016
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