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Literally the stupidest thing to grace the Internet. Some attention starved asshole gets the bright idea to record his/her ugly face watching a YouTube vid or, god forbid, a 20-40 minute episode of something and expects us to sit there and watch them make facial expressions or some shit. It's literally watching a video of someone watching a video! Their face takes up 80% of the screen and the thing they're watching is usually miniature and in the corner. It's a pathetic fad that needs to die very very quickly. Newsflash people: NO ONE CARES WHAT FACIAL EXPRESSIONS YOU MAKE OR WHAT STUPID SOUNDS COME OUT OF YOUR MOUTH WHEN YOU WATCH SOMETHING!
Guy 1: Hey bro, have you seen this live reaction video of the new RWBY episode?
Guy 2: Uh, no, I'd rather watch the actual episode, not some guy's ugly face.
by lonelyrootbeer May 22, 2016
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A video, typically posted on YouTube, that depicts someone's reaction to seeing or being shown a disturbing or frightening image or video. This is usually a shock site, a screamer or something similar.
Look at this goatse reaction video! It's funny as hell!
by SeΓ±or Giggles December 07, 2008
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