Literally the stupidest thing to grace the Internet. Some attention starved asshole gets the bright idea to record his/her ugly face watching a YouTube vid or, god forbid, a 20-40 minute episode of something and expects us to sit there and watch them make facial expressions or some shit. It's literally watching a video of someone watching a video! Their face takes up 80% of the screen and the thing they're watching is usually miniature and in the corner. It's a pathetic fad that needs to die very very quickly. Newsflash people: NO ONE CARES WHAT FACIAL EXPRESSIONS YOU MAKE OR WHAT STUPID SOUNDS COME OUT OF YOUR MOUTH WHEN YOU WATCH SOMETHING!
Guy 1: Hey bro, have you seen this live reaction video of the new RWBY episode?
Guy 2: Uh, no, I'd rather watch the actual episode, not some guy's ugly face.
by lonelyrootbeer May 2, 2016
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an annoying cheap way of getting youtube views. often uses obnoxious, ridiculous, exaggerated thumbnails of the viewers face to draw attention. peak narcissism.
Dude, check out this reaction video to this song!

No thanks, who is this no-name loser anyway and why should I care about their worthless reaction?
by Vaushite No.42069 January 15, 2022
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A video, typically posted on YouTube, that depicts someone's reaction to seeing or being shown a disturbing or frightening image or video. This is usually a shock site, a screamer or something similar.
Look at this goatse reaction video! It's funny as hell!
by Señor Giggles December 8, 2008
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There he was showing us his monkey motions like Mister Bean, in a reaction video.
by D.M.H.2 January 21, 2023
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