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Victorious is a great Nickelodeon show..

The first episodes center more on Tori (Victoria Justice), a 16-year-old singer who is accepted in a school of arts called Hollywood Arts for her talent. There she meets, Beck, (Avan Jogia), Andre (Leon Thomas), Cat (Ariana Grande), Jade (Elizabeth Gillies) and Robbie (Matt Bennett), the people who become her group of friends later on. The following episodes then focus less on Tori and more on her friends who become main characters too.

Contrary to what another definition has said about Victorious, it is NOT just a typical and boring show about "believing in yourself, becoming famous and fulfilling your dreams”. Most people who describe Victorious this way didn't even bother to watch past the first or second episode. The show is more about the main character's lives as teenagers than them pursuing their dreams.

I have noticed that many people nowadays hate on all Nick shows that do not have a particularly deep, psychological story full of plot twists (like As told by Ginger or Avatar: the last airbender, which are both amazing shows btw, had), but why would a show absolutely have to be like that to be a good show? That is definitely not the type of show Dan Schneider (the creator of Victorious) wanted to make, so don’t expect to see that kind of show. Victorious is a great COMEDY show that should be watched by people who feel like having a good laugh. And these people will have it if they do watch it.

So, watch it!
Person 1: I'm bored, i want to watch something funny. Any ideas?

Person 2 : Watch Victorious on Nick!
by I<3Victorious December 23, 2010
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