Common name of a playa who'll leave you without saying a word. Also known as
"hustla", this individual is particularly good in bed and has vast experience he'll never admit he does, which is why all of his xs still chase him.
Hard to catch, impossible to keep, the biggest mistake you can make is introducing him to your best friend, who of course, is going to wanna nail him.

This name can also translate to "Winner, triumphant, #1" in various languages.
"dam nigz, u is a Victor"
by elizabeth 4eva urs February 14, 2008
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A highly intelligent, smooth talking, mysterious, player, who appears rough on the exterior, but has a heart, you just won't know it....Use CAUTION when in the vicinity of said male species; as they can suck you in and bend you to their will; stripping you of all your values and moral beliefs. Also highly contagious...most men wanna be him and all females wanna have him. Has the ability to turn you into a wimpering ball of flesh with one comment, leaving victim to question their validity for life.
#1: dude what's the matter with you? Why you sucking your thumb?

#2: I got victorized!

#1: Wanna blankey now?
by brazen hussy September 02, 2008
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Tall dark and sexy with mesmerising eyes. A baller on and off the courts. Men want to be him and women want him in them. He comes across as quiet and shy and you won't know what hit you. He'll control you and you'll like it. Intelligent and aggressive, confident and determined, he gets what he wants while he masters what you like. A freak in bed he'll blow your mind and is better than any lover you ever had. All his exes still want him and will never get over him. The woman he marries will suck his nipples and love oral sex. She'll be his only soulmate and he will love her forever.
She's been on cloud 9 since she got herself a Victor.

He thought he was a playa til he ran into that Victor.

She needs Victor rehab.
by March 04, 2012
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Victor is a sweet and often misunderstood soul. He is known for being great with the ladies, but he is secretly a very deep, curious, and loving person. He has much more depth than people give him credit for. He drives the women crazy, unintentionally, and intentionally, he can become a truly faithful, committed and loving partner. He knows what a woman needs, and can tune in to just how to give it to her. He feels the duties of his role as a provider more than many, and finds great pleasure in being dependable. He is the most honest person you will meet, and once he is committed, he is committed. He is a chill person who’s funny and gets along with everyone. He’s open to all kinds of friends even if they are mentally disabled or handicapped it doesn’t matter to him. He looks for love and not sex. Only one girl will hold his heart. A great smooth talker and never fake. He has eyes that will suck you in and a smile that could light up the darkest of tunnels, and he has very BIG heart. Usually nick names are Vick or Vic doesn't really obtain the full name unless it's a serious matter. A highly intelligent, mysterious person, who appears rough on the exterior, but has a heart, you just won't know it. Pretty well known guy, he definitely has experience but like's a challenge, this guy has got a temper so try not to set it off.
by A Real Victor July 22, 2010
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roots from latin word "Victor" meaning victory.
Yo, Victor, hows life man?
by Pwning Nooblets August 16, 2006
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