If something is real lit or fire or fye
Yo, That’s a Vibe or Vibes
by Who else knows May 11, 2019
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Vibe: To make out with a girl or guy, and or hangout at their crib.
Damm Girl, wanna vibe with me tonight?
by OGFranzeee January 12, 2018
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Where you are "high" on marajuana to a point where your body "feels" the song and you moove to the beat without realising.
"Man This choon has a good Vibe"
"im getting a vibe from this Tune"
by StonersAnnon April 28, 2005
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Another word for "Chill".
You usually say it to someone who is either freaking out or said something stupid or out of line.
The act of being vibe: Viben.
*twos guys on shrooms in their car at a park

"Dam those shrooms are hitting me bro! Im seeing my dead mom sitting on that bench over there! fuck shes coming over..dam bitch get out of my passanger seat! Shut your mouth! stop talking crazy bitch!"

"Fucking vibe bro.."

"Nah its straight now; shes just viben."
by Nicoke17 September 06, 2009
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A wavelength. Others can be on this wavelength or not.
"Whats your vibe tonight? Going out or staying in?", "Up for getting trashed?" "Yeah that's totally my vibe too."

"He's fit but he's not really on my vibe"

by charbird November 07, 2008
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Urban Outfitters' ridiculous customer service acronym standing for Values and Interactions to Build our Environment.
"Hey, guys, for our next VIBE day, let's do Cowboys & Indians!"
"What a VIBEtastic idea!"
"Great VIBE!"
by Sean MFin B October 15, 2007
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