To chill and hangout after smoking
Bro don't just dip out after I smoked you out, lets vibe
by divingandsurviving March 17, 2016
It's like the way you portray yourself to people.

ALSO it's something One Direction looks for in a girl when they meet them, so GET YOUR VIBE ON GIRL!
"You're never vibeing, you just have a vibe. It's like banter" -Louis Tomlinson
by jademarshll August 10, 2011
"An emotional sense of another human being". That's what people think. But really that's what it is, it's what people think. The way they see someone or think about someone they confuse with the word "vibe". If u don't like someone or if u think that person is weird... You'll get a bad "vibe".
1Ugh look at that person. I'm getting a bad vibe off him.

2No. U just think he's ugly. Stupid.
by The1thinker March 13, 2010
Unleashing the sun or what you call Nuking a city
by Gran Grippers February 27, 2020
Awesome frisbee player, ladies man, easy to talk to, quiet, speaks at right time, sexy as sexy can be, everyone flocks to where he is
"Vibe is so nice im glad he is my friend."
"Yay, nice sky Vibe!"
"VIBE!!! Your so sexay."
by Awesome_Vibe_SVC February 3, 2010
An euphemism for STD. The more vibing one does, the higher the odds for a STD.
Every girls bio is, "lets catch a vibe".
by Kirkylicious January 19, 2022