noun 1. rhythm 2. any musical aspect or quality indicative of a genre 3. mood or atmosphere; feeling; aura 4. (plural) signals or messages sent out to someone
1. Jamaican vibes.
2. It has a commercial vibe.
3. The place had a nice vibe to it. It gave me a nostalgic vibe.
4. A stranger who gave off bad vibes. He just doesn't know how to pick up vibes.
by hotdog January 02, 2005
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To relax, chill, hangout, vibe. Can also be said as vibin/vibing
Person 1: Dude you wanna skip class and go vibe in the bathroom?
Person 2: HELL YEAH BRO!
by wellletsvibe April 04, 2020
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1. feelings, atmosphere (good or bad vibrations).
2. way to explain something that makes you feel good.
3. condolences, way to express sorrow for someone when something bad has happened to them.
1. I've got some good vibes from this place.
2. This song's got a good vibe to it.
3. Sorry your cat died, vibes dude.
by Rach the ray ray February 07, 2008
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To send someone an emotion using facial expressions, body movements, or other things not using words.
Dude, Jules totally vibed me. She wants my dick, in and around her mouth!

Negative Vibe Examples:
*Dirty Looks
*Hesitating to answer a question
*Changing subject when you interrogate them

Positive Vibe Examples;
*Making a facial expression that looks like there saying "Well then youll have to find out for yourself >;D" (this may lead to vigorous sex)
*Seeming very interested in what your talking about
*That touchy feely flirting shit
by e420 December 29, 2007
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emissions that give others a sense of your thoughts or feelings
there is no suitable example
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Most use as an adj. or noun. but in the common music industry to "vibe" is to feel the music and have insight to it. This normally involves swaying of body and head, or bobbing and ferocious nodding of 'noggin.

In some cases, extreme vibing will substitute vision with delicious colours and replace motor cells with ecstatic feelings.
Imma pop in this record and just vibe to it.
by BeAnBeAn22 March 08, 2010
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1. (n.) A pleasing ambience.
2. (adj.) Relaxed, intimate and/or prefacing intercourse or sexual activity.
Related terms anti-vibe, vybe.
'Man this place has such a vibe'.

'I had a real vibe with her by the bar, now she's gonna eat my banana'.
by J-Dubya November 29, 2003
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