To chill , be at peace, & let life do it's thing.
by DeeBun August 17, 2017
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Vibe - means to have this feeling that what your listening , feeling , or seeing is reaching your soul
Friend// ooo I get this vibe whenever this song comes on
by Agirlwithfeelings January 2, 2019
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(Noun)A distinctive emotional atmosphere; sensed intuitively.
"It gave me a nostalgic vibe".
"That man gives off bad vibes"
by Junaid Yar Khalid May 12, 2004
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To vibe with someone means to talk, chill, hug, kiss etc. and act as a couple without claiming each other as boyfriend/girlfriend yet. You can be open, and share your feelings with each other, you can have fun together, be there for one another.. go places together and still be okay with the fact you're not technically committed
Person 1: Yo, you think Liz and Ez are going out? They're always together.
Person 2: Nah, they're just vibing man. They might end up together though, who knows.
Person 1: Damn man, I just wanna vibe with someone too.
by insang.u June 24, 2016
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To relax, chill, hangout, vibe. Can also be said as vibin/vibing
Person 1: Dude you wanna skip class and go vibe in the bathroom?
Person 2: HELL YEAH BRO!
by wellletsvibe April 4, 2020
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1. (n.) A pleasing ambience.
2. (adj.) Relaxed, intimate and/or prefacing intercourse or sexual activity.
Related terms anti-vibe, vybe.
'Man this place has such a vibe'.

'I had a real vibe with her by the bar, now she's gonna eat my banana'.
by J-Dubya November 29, 2003
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Most use as an adj. or noun. but in the common music industry to "vibe" is to feel the music and have insight to it. This normally involves swaying of body and head, or bobbing and ferocious nodding of 'noggin.

In some cases, extreme vibing will substitute vision with delicious colours and replace motor cells with ecstatic feelings.
Imma pop in this record and just vibe to it.
by BeAnBeAn22 March 8, 2010
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