someone who is short.

also known as a midget, a dwarf, the little guy, etc.
man: haha look at that smidget!

woman: lets be PC (politically correct) here, its a vertically challenged person.
by YourAlcoholicDad March 31, 2010
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1. A Club... A Family... A Way of Life... PERIOD.

2. International Custom car and Minitruck club founded by John "The Godfather" Salas, and Mike "OG DOUGHBOY" Panova in 1998, based in Houston Texas.
Vertically Challenged is the hardest partying MINITRUCK club on the planet!
by WHATABURGER(VC) April 16, 2009
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Someone who thinks they will grow, but probably won't

Or a Non offensive term for a midget
Jane was walking by a bunch of midgets skateboarding and said
Wow those vertically challenged guys are Awesome!
by pleazeacczept dis April 13, 2010
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Used in elite social circles to refer to short people in a polite manner.

Slang: A derogatory term for people with small penis.
1. Jane : "Have you seen Ethan's wife? Poor girl is vertically challenged."

2. Doe : "OMG I slept with Smith last night and I shit you not, he's vertically challenged inspite of having a beefy body!"
by DrD00M September 28, 2019
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