1. A Club... A Family... A Way of Life... PERIOD.

2. International Custom car and Minitruck club founded by John "The Godfather" Salas, and Mike "OG DOUGHBOY" Panova in 1998, based in Houston Texas.
Vertically Challenged is the hardest partying MINITRUCK club on the planet!
by WHATABURGER(VC) April 16, 2009
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Someone who thinks they will grow, but probably won't

Or a Non offensive term for a midget
Jane was walking by a bunch of midgets skateboarding and said
Wow those vertically challenged guys are Awesome!
by pleazeacczept dis April 13, 2010
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1) A phrase used by someone who is supposed to be professional to define a short person

2) “I’m not fat, I’m big boned,” but for short people

3) A phrase used to describe a minuscule individual
I’m not short, I’m Vertically Challenged, MOM.
by pixel the almighty March 17, 2022
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1. Someone who is always horizontal

2. A person who lays around on the couch all day watching television and Netflix.

3. An able person who only moves when absolutely necessary eg to use the bathroom.
"My neighbours son, he is vertically challenged, he does nothing all day but lay on that lounge whilst his mother runs around doing everything"

"Get off the couch and clean your room you lazy prick. What are you? Vertically Challenged or something?"

lazy pricktelevision TV Netflix challenged sloth oaf slacker
by GADAFYS January 3, 2016
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someone who is short.

also known as a midget, a dwarf, the little guy, etc.
man: haha look at that smidget!

woman: lets be PC (politically correct) here, its a vertically challenged person.
by YourAlcoholicDad March 31, 2010
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