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An amazing girl with a heart the size of the world, she does anything for her friends or family. She is beautiful,caring, and is extremely athletic. She can withstand anything anyone throws at her. All the guys want her. She loves sports and is as strong as any guy. Veronika is smart and never does something before she thinks about it. she likes to get to know people before she hangs out with them. She seems shy at first before you get to know her, then she is extremely talkative. She is an animal lover and would never kill any animals. She is adventurous and loves a fun time. Veronika is amazing in every way!
Wow she's amazing, I wish I was a Veronika!
by Fluffierdragonthan123 October 07, 2014
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Polish version of Veronica. The "K" is for good karma. Is in touch with reality and the nature of humanity on a ligher level than most, caring and creative, and extremely spontaneous and the most fun ever.
Man, you look down. What you need is a Veronika.
by sillybutterflycrystal July 10, 2008
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Veronika is a sexy individual who always wins the boys. She is very smart too. Sometimes can be a bitch when you piss her off, in the end she will fuck you up.
Friend: ayooo bro look at that chick she must be like veronika

Me: damn bro i guess
by ThatCrazyChickVeronika December 23, 2011
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She is beautiful, smart and friendly. She laughs all the time, which tends to make other people laugh and be happy. She is very sporty, however can get a bit too competitive sometimes. She has so many friends and is super nice to everyone. Knowing a Veronika is pretty special, because she will make you feel happy with you are at your lowest point. And.... she gets all the guys. Her blonde hair makes the guys go wild, and her eyes sparkle in the shining light. She is super adventurous, and is up for any challenge. They are truly one of a kind.
I wish I could be a Veronika
by Friendlygal November 27, 2018
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