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Last name of famous jazz composer and artist, Charlie Mingus.
All of those cans referred to some artist or genre or other thing.
by Digs June 30, 2004
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Joyeuse was Charlemagne's sword. Charlemagne, of course, set up one of history's greatest empires.
I've heard that the Joyeuse was made of gold, but that's stupid, gold is too soft to hold an edge.
by Digs May 18, 2004
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1 : v. to fire upon an exposed target, typically from a distance/hidden

2 : v. to steal something of little or no value

3 : n. a surprisingly existant longbilled bird known to inhabit marshlands, the object of snipe hunts, which are doomed to failure, as success is not the goal.
1 : Bah, I can't believe you let that newb snipe you with a pistol.
2 : I'm going to go snipe a couple cigs from Edward, she won't miss 'em.
3 : Snipe hunts only work once.
by Digs March 17, 2004
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Norse mythology. Odin's great spear, made by Dvalin, who was a dwarf.
What edda was Gungnir first mentioned in, Steve?
by Digs May 18, 2004
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An exultation of joy, similar to hooray but on a wholly different scale.
You're going to give me an island of equal or lesser value? Hoorays!
by Digs March 12, 2004
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