by stink(e) November 02, 2021
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a girl whos a simp, will fall for you and joke around when shes being real about it, dont mess with vera’s.
Man: wow who’s she?!

Woman: her names Vera
by kthesimp666 May 09, 2021
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Typical word used in Ferrara (an Italian town in the North) which means:
1) a whore,prostitute, bitch (very offensive)
2) imperative form of "Verar", to open
1) Ca tiena un cancar a ti e a cla vera d'to mama (may you and your bitch of a mother get a cancer)
2) Vera cla fnestra! (Open that window!)
by Ferrarese doc December 27, 2018
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Vera's gf loved is a hot person
by Verapoep June 16, 2021
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A Norwegian comedy/music group which consists of Herodes Falsk, Tom Mathisen and the nationwide famous Jahn Teigen. They usually cover/parody hit songs with new Norwegian lyrics, often with comical nature. They got their huge breakthrough with their album Brakara released in 1978, and broke up in 1984 after a messed-up show in Stockholm.
Boy 1: Have you heard the new Prima Vera album Salmer og sanger vi gjerne hiver?
Guy: Yes i did, it was absolutely the funniest thing I've ever heard!
by SprengeMobil November 30, 2021
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