A crazy,nice immature girl who will make you smile all day long. Very crazy girl who is usually Greek and has many friends. She doesn't care what other people think about her because she is very confident about anything and everything. She is only loyal to her friends and if anyone bullies them,she will stand up for her friends.If you have a friend Venetia,make sure to keep her close.
Girl 1: Wow,is that venetia?She is so funny.
Girl 2:I know right? Venetia is like my best friend in the world.
Girl 1 :Lucky
by Chocolatemuffinsbyme June 7, 2018
An amazing, flawless person. All her friends love her and she's the center of attention
by BASHOONK September 7, 2021
extremely good looking female, once thought to be some kind of goddess but since human interaction seems like a reachable goal.
by ass man September 5, 2003
this is the day where everyone cowers in fear of venetia
Venetia is not a smart man, and he is very not smart like patrick spongebob and burps and farts alot
"Ew is that venetia?"
"Stop farting!"
by Venetia hater August 20, 2022
Venetia is a retarded piece of shit, that thinks she's smart.
"Venetia is so dumb"
by Urban Dictionary372947 August 20, 2022