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To sneak up behind somebody with arms bent (such as a Velociraptor's). The subject Velociraptoring then makes a screeching sound and proceeds to bite their victim on the shoulder.
Person 1: "Ow man, my shoulder hurts!"

Person 2: "Why's that?"

Person 1: "Steve Velociraptored me when I wasn't looking!"

Person 2: "Oh yea I saw that! Velociraptoring is so funny!"
by jimbob23929 October 08, 2012
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A condition of one's hair where bits & pieces of it tend to stick up like the spines running along the head of a lizard or dinosaur.
"how does my hair look? am i velociraptoring?"
"uh, no; it looks good"
by rwrecks September 10, 2015
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