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Vegging (v):

to just sit and chill around. vegging can be done with more then one person, or done solo. Refers to the proud broccili (which is rich in Vitimans, its a miracle!) who does not do much in its life, but is still ultimatly cool.

to vegg, veggin', vegitate, veg (n) a person who chronically vegges.
BOB: hey, whatsup?
YOU: nm, just veggin'
BOB: wow, you're such a vegg. i could come over and we could do some vegging together!

does not refer to crippled person(s) at all. that would just be uncool.
by just veggin' July 27, 2010
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When you use a vegetable to fuck someone in the ass. A contraction of "vegetable" and "pegging".
These vegan guys are kinky - one tried vegging me with a cucumber last night.

My girlfriend wants to try vegging me, but I heard Ed got a nasty infection from doing that with a carrot.
by CelerySodomy May 29, 2018
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