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1. A person who is funny without trying, though he is not popular he has many friends. He is nice to most people unless they have hurt or said mean things to him.

2. In hindu Mythology the god of all gods also known as Krishna.
1. That guy is such a ved
2. Jia Ved!
by Savage cabbage 02 February 25, 2017
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When a man is having anal sex with a woman and upon having an orgasm, the woman will defecate on the man's penis and his groin area.
He loves anal sex, but is afraid of being v-ed.
by Peter Yao Ming February 19, 2006
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A 23-year-old man develops violent explosive diarrhea (VED), watery with blood, fecal leukocytes, and mucus approximately 3 days after eating chicken that was improperly cooked. Comma-shaped organisms were found in the fecal smear along with red blood cells and leukocytes. Which of the following pathogens is the most likely cause of these symptoms?

A. Campylobacter jejuni
B. Enterotoxigenic E. coli
C. Shigella sonnei
D. Staphylococcus aureus
E. Vibrio cholera

The correct answer is A.
by negger March 05, 2005
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1.Related to some greek hindu mythology.

2. Kinda person who potrays himself as a really cool wannabe.. Inside at heart he is a cupcake. A child from within. ved has loads of ego problems. ESpecially with guys.

3. Endowed with huge hairy dick, ved cocks are good for people loving hair and some ancient taste.
by frayy November 15, 2011
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a hot sexy with big boobs and a good round ass! Gets a lot of guys and have a lot of potential!
by VEDS November 20, 2010
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