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1)A skinny fat kid (beta male)

2)pretends to be vegan, but will eat donuts and other junk when others are not looking

3) Very sad individual, may stutter, and lack self confidence, easily self injured

4) Very low testosterone, cannot grow a full mustache only the puberty fuzz

5) Donald Trump is not his President

6) obsessed with cuckold porn
Look at that Vaz over there drinking another kale shake smoothie, how come he is still so out of shape?
by Tutti Frutti May 10, 2019
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a slang term for a viking/nordsman gawd who after slaying an army puts the "steele" or "blaydez" on his knuckles and punches slabs of uncooked meat with his "steele" and blows on it with his mighty nordsman powers, thus cooking it and taking him straight to VALHALLA!
Get your vaz off my face.
by Ben Benett / Sam fisher February 24, 2005
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