Video Audio Sensory Theater is an phenomenal band classified as metal, also known as Vast and V.A.S.T.

A band from the mind of musician Jon Crosby. Other members were Thomas Garadis, Steve Clark and Rowan Robertson. Rowan Robertson left the band after their first album Visual Audio Sensory Theater (1998) to pursue a solo career, and was replaced with Justin Cotta. He however soon left the band with Steve Clark to form their own band.
Though VAST is now doing better than ever, and the newest album Closed Romantic Realism is scheduled to be released toward the end of 2007 or beginning of 2008.

Their albums thus far:
Visual Audio Sensory Theater (1998)
Music for the People (2000)
Nude (2004)
Turquoise & Crimson (2006)
April (not available in stores--2007--)

Dude 1: "Man! Visual Audio Sensory Theater is amazing!"
Dude 2: "You mean Vast? I love them too!!"
by Anna Catherine September 2, 2007
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You listen to Rush? That's totally Vast!
by Dr.Cox August 8, 2007
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Yo I have such a ragin' vast right now.
by wok27 December 22, 2010
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A term adapted by the Vasthoe and her group of friends in Cape Town (ZA) to refer to anything extreme, jaw-dropping or extraordinary. No limits, No bounds! A direct protest to convention and limitation and a powerful declaration of self love, awareness, strength, validation and confidence. A yearning to achieve freedom in every sense of the word - to exist as one's true self against all odds.

other form(s)- VASTNESS (n)
The act or art of being vast
How vast was last night at the Night Show? It was completely out of this world, so vast!
Her Instastories are so vast, I cannot miss any of them.
She is the embodiment of vastness!
by Vasthoe May 2, 2018
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The musical phenomenon Video Audio Sensory Theater, fronted by Jon Crosby.
VAST rocks
by Malkav January 9, 2004
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Where you eat as much as you can, all day long. Opposite of fasting.
dude 1: I'm trying to gain weight man.
dude 2: me too, we should start vasting.
by mc_heindel June 16, 2011
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