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A Vasili is a man of Greek descent. Vasili is the direct translation from the name William in English. Vasili is a very common name in Greece. A Vasili is usually very smart, hot, tall, romantic, pretty much the ideal for women (Tall, dark, and handsome). Vasili's will usually date women who are beautiful and nurturing because they like to be taken care of. They take no for an answer because of their stubbornness and that may create conflict with anyone.
Gracie: Hey, who's that? He is really handsome.

AT: oh that guy- that's vasili,he's Greek, yea a lot of girls like him, he's too much of a ladies man though, you should stay away.

Gracie: oh...too bad (as she keeps looking)
AT: omg he's coming over here! don't speak to him!
{Gracie runs out of the club as Vasili goes after her and grabs her hand and begins dancing with her.}
by Akbar Puffin Muffin December 06, 2009
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1. From the Greek word 'Vasilias', meaning King or Royalty. To rule and dominate everything and anything that crosses it's path. Coming into contact with a Vasilis could be the most dangerous yet satisfying encounter you could possibly have.

2. In medical terms, Vasilis is often used in place of the term 'crowning' during pregnancy. When the baby's head has passed through the birth canal and the top or "crown" stays visible at the vaginal opening.
John Doe - "I just ran into a Vasilis I owed money to and now I'm missing my left arm."
Jane Doe - "Are you serious?!"
John Doe - "I'm bleeding pretty severely. Call 911."

John Doe - "Wow did you hear what happened in Haiti?"
Jane Doe - "Yeah massive Vasilis style earthquake."

That baby is Vasilising its way through that vagina.
by RoyalScorpion11 February 02, 2010
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A homophobic boy douche that has a crush on girls named Tara and Kaitlin.
I patted Vasilis on the back for a job well done but then he just punched me in the face and ran away.
by darkmoon232 March 17, 2009
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