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Niko loves his special sauce (cum) who is a big boi chungus and likes to smoke weed by the ton. He has had sex with everyone in the world and was in your mother’s bed last night. He is an epic god who rapes everyone in his way and fucks you doggie style. He never stops fucking you, and also is the reason why most couples divorce (Niko has sex with your mother/father/other, and your mother/father/other decides to his/her/it’s mate to hook up with Niko), although most think that having Niko as your sex buddy is unachievable and impossible. He has enough power to wield the Infinity Gauntlet and once bet Thanos in a fistfight. He fucked Thanos after this, and then proceeded to fuck Shaggy and Big Chungus. Niko has a 98.67 cm dick which he masturbates every night (and while walking on the street). In conclusion, Niko is the ultimate being who is sweeter than Colombian cocaine and is always smoking weed. But watch out, because he will fuck everyone in his path and you, the mother fucking wanker reading this, watch out, because you are next on Niko’s rape list...
Sexy Woman: “Oh... Oh... OH!”
Other Woman: “What are you doing?”
Sexy Woman: “Oh, sorry. I was masturbating my vagina because I was thinking about how hard Niko fucked me last night, and the night before, and the night before...”
Other Woman: “Oh... Oh... OH!!!”
Sexy Woman: “Are you masturbating too?”
Other Woman: “Oh. Sorry. I was just thinking about how unlucky I am because I haven’t been fucked by Niko, so I started masturbating.”
Niko (walks in, smoking marijuana): “Well, consider yourself lucky, because dis sexy big boi Chungus just walked in the room!”
by YourMumGei August 05, 2019

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Is always masturbating in class and tries to hook up with da ladies.
Jack is smoking weed.
by YourMumGei August 06, 2019

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Caiden is that kind of person that is very, very sexy and faps off in class. If you make him angry, he will pop your hot gay sister’s tits and sell the deflated tits on PrawnHub. He is a Prawn Star as well as a porn star and got a very good rating on Logan paul’s Website. He will rape you when you sleep and, if you buy him a couple of beers, will give you free prawns. Caiden has the ability to have an Infinity Boner, which means that he can make his boner a, well, boner, for the rest of eternity. Legend has it that his penis in it’s floppy form is thicc-er than Big Chungus. He is so sexy that Moto Moto tried to hook up with his ass, but, Caiden has the training to eject cum out of his ass. With ultimate concentration, he can sprout penis’s from every aspect of his cumalicious, sex-starvingalicious body, and the first time you see him (if you’re a boy), you’ll instantly turn gay.
Sexy Woman: Oooooh. Caiden has tasty cum.
by YourMumGei August 21, 2019

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Acronym for Great at Yodelling. (Just like that kid in Walmart)
Mm. I love being GAY.
“Hey, I heard you being GAY last night.”
“Oh thanks! I practiced at the GAY Academy to learn how to be GAY.
by YourMumGei August 06, 2019

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Gay and a pervert.
Person: Ryder was touching my penis in the bathroom!
Other Person: Me too.
by YourMumGei August 05, 2019

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Very sexy boi.
Vasili is just as thicc as big Chungus.
by YourMumGei August 06, 2019

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The most annoying person ever. Has heavy autism and will always spit on you or your food.
Dannan is so gay
by YourMumGei August 05, 2019

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