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The essential element of life and the life-force that governs us; the very subconscious essence of all beings and the bridge to the supernatural and spiritual. In certain strands of ancient mythology it was considered the one thing more indescribable or tangible than the soul. It is said to give rise to all emotions, both outwardly expressed and inwardly inhibited, and be the epicentre of all inexplicable superhuman feats throughout the ages.

The word has long since become pure folklore between less than a mere handful of varying faith tribal leaders still inhabiting the globe, who acknowledge its presence but generally refrain from passing the mantra down to further generations because of rumours of tragic fates meeting a non-believer.

As a result, knowledge of it and its usage have become silently prohibited and it is little wonder the term hasn't died out. There are no known records of the word surviving today barring hearsay, which is varying in its reliability. It is speculated that the word originated as early as 1,700,000 years ago, and it may have been either related to the word Avatar and its origins, or originally nondenominational, despite its adoption into a multitude of early faiths.
I feel the Vasi is strong in this one.
by Azure Agure July 14, 2006
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