joe: "i hate sarcbro"

chad: "thats super unvased"
by bob454545 June 26, 2021
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Vasee is an ancient Indian name. This name is a derivative of Vasile which means an attractive seducer (in other words tall, dark and handsome man with attractive eyes) who goes after only pretty women. He is a charm person and very selective. If he go after a women, she will be the lucky one and will have all the attention from him. He is very trust worthy and little bit of eccentric but in a good way.
Kaelenn: Hey, who is that exotic man standing against the wall with a glass of wine?
Lisa: Ohh that guy. His name is Vasee. He is very picky and seducer but little nerdy

Kaelenn: Cool. I am going to try and test my luck. He is so cute. ohh he is coming to our direction.
Lisa: oh God. You are in trouble. LOL
by latinmamasitha February 4, 2010
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enimen is very vased and swagful
by JodeciLover06 June 27, 2021
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A fetish wherein a person gets an enema and then lies face down, naked, on a table with cut flowers sticking up from his/her booty.
Jim wanted to vase while Betty watched True Blood.
by Idaho Slim July 26, 2014
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Burt: “Matt Hancock cheated on his wife with a Brazilian woman”

Boris: “On god? What a vased chap!”
by jenko5678 June 27, 2021
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something that phil lester, or amazingphil, drinks out of for some odd reason, even though it's supposed to hold flowers.
PINOF9 question
Person: Why do you drink out of a vase?
Amazingphil: I don't know what you're talking about.
by the 420th edgelord December 7, 2018
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something that holds flowers
by jon December 10, 2003
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